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What You Should Know About Orthokeratology (ortho-k)

Orthokeratology is a non-surgical treatment that uses precise, specially shaped contact lenses to temporarily reshape the cornea, eliminating nearsightedness or myopia so that you can see better without wearing eyeglasses or regular contact lenses throughout the day. Children are excellent candidates.

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The Orthokeratology Procedure – Being Prepared

Orthokeratology involves first measuring the refraction of your eye, which tells the doctor the degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism you have. Next, we map the shape of the front surface of the eye using an instrument called a corneal topographer.

Based on this digital map of your eye, your eye doctor will determine the ideal shape of your cornea. Then a series of special contacts are made according to your doctor’s exact specifications of your eyes.

Initially they will be worn for about eight hours daily until the cornea is reshaped, proper correction is achieved, and your vision is improved.

Sometimes your doctor will actually prescribe a wearing schedule that allows you to only wear the lenses while you sleep.

After that, the lenses may only need to be worn for a few hours a day for about three days a week to keep the cornea in the shape necessary for you to see clearly. The exact wearing schedule will depend on the correction your doctor thinks you need.

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Orthokeratology Side Effects

Although orthokeratology is effective, it is only as effective as the commitment of the patient. If the lenses are worn constantly, the patient’s vision will improve, but once the lenses are removed for an extended period, the eye will return to its original shape and the patient’s vision will revert back to its refractive error state.

CRT is reversible and only lasts as long as the lenses are worn. Fluctuating or blurry vision are possible side effects of Ortho-K and CRT. Still, these side effects can be prevented.

Orthokeratology and CRT are designed for people who do not desire refractive surgery and are content with occasionally wearing contact lenses. These methods carry the same risks as regular contacts, and a few more. The risks of Ortho-K are best explained by your eye doctor. We welcome any questions you may have.


Am I A Candidate For

People who are best suited for Ortho-K have myopia less than -4.00 diopters and astigmatism less than -1.50 diopters. Ortho-K is safe for people of all ages, as long as their eyes are healthy.

This is a great alternative for those who are too young to consider LASIK, those whose prescriptions are continuing to change, and those involved in sports that make contact lenses impractical. Ortho-k is not suitable for everyone, so it is best to consult with your eye doctor if you are interested in this procedure.

Orthokeratology Treatment

Orthokeratology Advantages

  • Non-surgical method
  • Available for most people
  • Freedom from constant corrective lens wear
  • Better vision improvement
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Orthokeratology Disadvantages

  • Longer result time
  • Not a permanent solution
  • Higher startup cost than regular contacts or eyeglasses
  • Currently only for myopia
Orthokeratology Treatment

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For our Ortho-k, come see Dr. Joanna Barnett in Vienna, visit one of our locations or contact us online to learn more about the Orthokeratology services we have available. We have been helping people throughout Fairfax County with the best optometry treatments and service available.

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The staff was extremely friendly and professional from appointment setting to day of! Dr Barnett is very thorough and personal! She takes great care in ensuring her patients are well informed! I have found my eye doc!!!

– Erica P. Rowe

As always, helpful and gracious care. The Dulles office now has a large selection of glasses, making this an excellent one stop place with very quick service.

– Beverly Bugos

I was able to make my appointment very quickly, the staff were quick, easy going and professional. I didn’t have to wait long for them to attend me when I got there. Over all the visit was quick and efficient. Good experience overall.

– Yadire Hernandez

I loved my experience with the ophthalmologist. She was very easy going. Her staff was also really nice. It absolutely blew my mind when she told me all of my health problems just by looking at my eyes without me disclosing what they were. She is very knowledgeable, and I have to say no other ophthalmologist has been able to do this!

– Yeneidic

Dr Chang was very nice and patient. She re-measured my eyes and came out with a good prescription. I often had doubts to which numbers I could see more clearly but she was very patient. Dr Chang was very polite and explained my choices in detail. I don’t usually do reviews but Dr Chang exceeded my expectations.

– SM

First class experience! I had been with my current eye Doctor for a long time (over 15 years). So I was having reservations about changing Optometrist! My experience with Dr Johanna Barnett & Associates was again First Class in every aspect. I am very satisfied. I highly recommend EyeDoc Dulles.

– Kenneth Jeffrey

This was our first visit and we will definitely be back. My 14 yr old daughter needed glasses for the first time. Dr. B took her time and explained everything not only for me to understand but my daughter too. Customer service was prompt and friendly. Our favorite part was of course picking out frames. Tom was phenomenal! Again, took his time, explained things to us so we both could understand. Overall a wonderful experience! 10 out of 10!!

– Leanne Swisher

This was my 1st eye exam, I was very nervous! Dr. Barnett explained everything, step by step, explained her findings so that I can understand, it was actually pretty calm and pleasant. The staff was great, they already had my insurance verified, and knew my copay upfront which was very much appreciated. I couldn’t choose frames, and all the girls pitched in and helped, making me feel even more comfortable! I will definitely be returning for all my optical needs! My daughter is up next!

– Tyeisha Patton

My 1st experience at Dr. Barnett office was excellent. The office staff was friendly and welcoming. The office is clean & bright and the furniture is set up so patients in the office have space apart from each other other. When I talked with the patients while waiting they told me they had been seeing Dr. Barnett for years and really liked her. When I met Dr. Barnett I was impressed by her warm manner and her depth of knowledge, and her optimism. I followed her treatment plan for 2 weeks and returned for my follow up visit and my infection was gone I was back to normal and I was so happy! I set up my yearly eye exam after this and sent 2 referrals to Dr. Barnett and will recommend her to my friends & family.

– Sabrina Gerard

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